Public and Private Media Use

Recent times have seen a divergence in the manner and spaces in which we consume media. As mass media technologies continue to converge, a vast array of media uses have appeared in both the public and private spheres. Madanipour (2003) suggests that during the course of a day each space we pass through will have differing connotations for the way we behave. From the privacy of our homes where we form our closest relationships to the middle of the city, where we are fully in the publics’ gaze yet shielded by a cloak of anonymity.

Communication technology has become ubiquitous in society and the manner in which we use it is vital to it taking an effective place in society. So many forms of media are available at our fingertips around the clock. But with such power comes responsibility, just because your phone can play music out of its speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. The anonymous nature of the setting might encourage such behaviour yet it is to the detriment of those around us. Whilst there is no convention against listening to music in public, one should be aware of the capacity for this behaviour to affect others. As such a slight moderation to such behaviour i.e. using headphones would vastly improve the between the technology, self and society.


Madanipour, A 2003, Public and Private Spaces of the City, Routledge, New York, New York.


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